Weight Loss

This is where I will be documenting my weight loss journey and hopefully receive support and give support to others in my position.

I have Atopic Eczema and have been referred for allergy testing in case I have a food intolerence. Fingers crossed that when I discover the foods that are toxic (literally) to me I will lose weight easier. I have struggled with my weight all my life and in particular in my teens. I was a HUGE 15 year old and I cringe when looking back at pictures.

I have been swinging between a size 12 to a size 18 for about five years and my weight is never steady. I am currently 13stone 10lbs and aim to reach 9st 7lbs which is ideal for my 5ft 5in height.

I also suffer from IBS, medication induced colitis and gastritis, acid reflux, hypermobility, chornic fatigue, repetitive strain in my wrist, back problems, migraines and fatigue. So fingers crossed the hospirtal can get to the bottom of my problems at long last.

Please join me on my journey.