I’m a firm believer that crafting can not only save you money but is extremely therapeutic.

There are loads of different types of crafts and you are bound to find one (or more than one as some will preach) that catches your fancy. So if you try one and don’t like it then try another but don’t give up if you are finding something difficult because there is immense satisfaction in learning a certain technique or completeing a project and thinking – I did that!

Some crafts that you might want to try-

Cardmaking– It doesn’t have to be expensive as upcycling makes this craft easily accessible and cheap. Receiving a handmade card on a special occassion or just to say “thinking of you” really cheers you up and your recipient is guaranteed a unique and personal card.

Knitting and Crocheting- These are fabulous to make yourself and others clothes, accessories and gifts and again doesn’t need to cost the Earth.

Scrapbooking-  Again does not have to be expensive and is a fantastic way of documenting your life and special occassions such as weddings and new born children. These can make fabulously personal gifts. All you need really are some decorative papers, photographs and a pen for journalling (this is the most important part as it helps you remember funny quotes, the people who were present or anything else you may want to remember).

Jewllery Making- If you are after a unique piece or a piece to co-ordinate with an outfit you already own then this is for you!

There are lots of other crafts out there including; painting, pottery, cross stitch, sewing and that’s to name but a few! All crafts have their advantages as the finished article can be used to furnish your home, clothe yourself and be given as gifts.

There is a wealth of info about crafts and how to start out here in the wonderful World Wide Web! Youtube is an amazing source of inspiration and tips as well as step by step tutorials. Craft blogs can also house masses of inspiration and tricks of the trade.

I personally started my crafting journey by purchasing a few crafty magazines, I started with card making and progressed to crochet and now I am teaching myself to knit, which isn’t as hard as I thought it would be at all!

Card Posts

Birthday/Thinking Of You

Christmas Cards

Christening Card


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