Djeco Little Memo Game

The Djeco Little Memo game is a cute and welcome addition to our beautiful and ethical toy collection. 

This game comes with 9 rubber insects/animals, tokens, hiding tub and instruction booklet. 

The object of the game is for children to remember and correctly identify the hidden animal. If the child guesses correctly then they win a token, if not they lose a token. Play continues in this way until all tokens are won. 
The animals/insects are made of rubber and have excellent but cute detailing. The spots/stripes on them are great for counting and they are fab for colour matching. 

This was meant as a birthday present but Hollie found it 🙈 and you can’t keep her away from her bees and butterflies. She loves this game. The age range is 2.5-5yrs. I think she’s a little young to have all characters in play at the moment but we will add more to play as she advances. She loves counting the “pennies” (tokens) and collecting them in the tub, which is made of heavy cardboard. 

It’s a winner in our house as I love Djeco, this aids learning and memory skills and Hollie adores the animals!
I purchased this at Babame for £17.50 you can find it here.
Babame is an ethical store that stocks a vast range of wooden and ethically made toys as well as reusable nappies, slings, water bottles AND their new Babame is growing up range! Stay tuned for a future post about their new products, you won’t be disappointed they are AMAZING 


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