MuscleFood Review and 2lb Weight Loss. Woohoo!

I’m now 13st 10lbs!

I’ve lost 2 whole pounds in my first week and I was not expecting that at all due to my major binge on Wednesday and Thursday due to lack of sleep and sick kiddies but I did shift some weight so I’m chuffed.

I ate Weetabix with fruit and low fat yogurt for breakfast most days, a salad or homemade soup lunch and a MuscleFood Live Clean Meal for tea followed by fruit with yogurt if needed.

My biggest change was drinking less Coca-Cola- I went from drinking 1-2litres per day to having 500ml of pop twice last week. I switched my drinks to Flo Water Essence and they are gorgeous, calorie free, fat free and sugar free. They are just mineral water with essence in.

I still had my odd treat though, miracles don’t happen overnight.

I started my weight loss journey by purchasing Live Clean Meals from MuscleFood. I chose the Slimming Meals Lunch bundle at £22.00. You receive a mixture of meals that are ready to pop in the microwave and they are tasty and filling! They are advertised for “a week’s worth of meals” yet you only get 5 which is odd since there are 7 days in the week.

I also received one of these meals free as part of an offer they had on at the time. The free meal I chose was the Persian Lime Chicken with Quinoa and it was delicious! The only fault I found was with the packagaing as this states that it is made with cous cous and I though that was odd- this could be an allergy issue.


The chicken was chunky and well seasoned, the vegetables had a lovely bite in a mint glaze and the quinoa was suberbly flavoured with the lime juice and seasoning well what else would you expect when it was prepared by a Michelin star trained chef???

Another meal I received was Oriental Chicken Pad Thai (not for people with nut allergies). I have never had Pad Thai before so was excited to try a new meal and I wasn’t disappointed- the chicken again was succulent and chunky, the noodles and vegetables were well flavoured in a peanut style dressing with a little spicy kick. The only thing needing improvement was the amount of liquid that came from the noodles and vegetable pack, I had to drain most of it away sadly as it was thin and watery.

The last meal I received was the Pulled Pork with Chipotle Beans. This was my favourite dish of the three that I was sent. I LOVE pulled pork and though there was no way I could have it now I’m looking to lose weight but I was so wrong. The pork is so tender and THOSE beans should have their own food group, the barbecue flavour was mouthwatering and I really want more. Sadly I have lost the photo of this product but take my word for it, it looked amazing, smelled amazing and tasted even better.


MuscleFood could improve on their selection of the five meals upon preparation of orders. I was gutted to find that I received 3 Persian Lime, 2 Oriental Pad Thai and one Pulled Pork. I know I received one Persian Lime for free but the order was placed all at the same time so the packers could have mixed the order up a little as they also sell lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, red Thai fish curry and Korean Pork.

The packaging could be a little better as the cing film is a little flimsy and I had a leaky packet.

The food itself needs NO IMPROVEMENT, it is tasty, well cooked and the portions are spot on.

I also ordered a Slimming Mediterranean Pizza which arrived with no “Use By Date” so I couldn’t eat that and I was so looking forward to pizza night too. On the plus side though their Goji Berry Chocolate Bar is out of this world and I can’t share a photo of that because I ate it so fast, it is devilishly moreish!

Personal Improvements

I NEED to exercise more than what I do at the minute. I also need to start meal planning and keeping a food diary. I also need to up my fruit and water intake too.


Much Love


*DISCLAIMER I was not under any obligation to complete this review.

** If you would like me to review your product(s) please get in touch at


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