Tegu 6 Piece Pocket Pouch Prism- Tints

Looking for a versatile, sturdy, on-the-go toy that promotes imagination?

Then look no further than the Tegu 6 Piece Pocket Pouch Prism pack. I bought the Tints pack as I just loved the colours. They are also available in a variety of other colous ranging in natural to pinks. yellows, greens and blues.

Not only do I LOVE these chunky, colourful, magnetic blocks because of the reasons mentioned before, I also adore that they are made from sustainable forests with the tress being handpicked by experts. In fact for every Pocket Prism pack purchased Tegu also plant a new tree! I can totally get behind this ethos as I LOVE our planet and more manufacturers should take a leaf out of Tegu’s book (see what I did there?).

These marvellous magnetic blocks really got the gears spinning in my kid’s heads. My little girl was perplexed that these blocks magically stuck together and my 9 year old lad thought they were “JUST AWESOME”.

The blocks come in their own industrial felt pouch, perfect for popping in your handbag, nappy bag or Dad’s pocket for outings.

This Prism Pack is a perfect starter pack if you are unsure of what to expect. I love how endless the possibilities are and that other packs can be purchased to expand the building potential. They also encourage the older children to learn about magnets and polarity -which is a plus as I am a massive geek and I love to teach!

As the pacakging says “Ages 1-99” and it’s so true these little blocks are great fun for young and old alike. So when the kids went to bed I played with them by myself and came up with a good few designs to help my daughter with copying.

Take a look at my designs. What is your favourite? Have you got a Tegu set and come up with your own? Please leave a link to your design in the comments to inspire others.


I purchased this set from Baba Me at the price of £16.50. There are different colour combinations and size packs available ranging from the 16 piece set to the HUGE 130 piece classroom set. Prices range from £16.50-£250. There are also lovely little cars, a helicopter and even a horse model available.

Much Love


*DISCLAIMER-I purchased this product myself and was under no obligation to write this review.

**If you would like me to review your product please get in touch at craftysharpethrifty@hotmail.com



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