Grimm’s 6 Piece Rainbow

We welcomed a beautiful new toy into our home on Saturday morning and it has been played with constantly since then. Say “Hello” to the wonderful Grimm’s 6 Piece Rainbow.

Upon removing this from the box, my littlest ran over saying “wow”. It really is gorgeous. The colours are so vibrant and each rainbow is lovingly made from Lime wood (from sustainably managed forests) then dyed with a non-toxic colour stain-great for all ages!

The rainbows are not laquered but can still be wiped clean.

This toy is so versatile and encourages imaginative play. We have had a baby laid in them as a bed, a giraffe on a see-saw followed by my daughter on one, they’ve been shoes, they’ve been lined up according to size and counted the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

My 9 year old son even abandoned the Xbox to play with this and he has created some FANTASTIC sculptures.

I purchased mine from Babame for £21.99 plus P&P. This company has an AMAZING customer service team and you can always find someone to help you wether it is through their online messaging service, via phone or e-mail or even on their Facebook group.

They are all lovely and they all have a vast knowledge of their products. They even have a Birthday Club where you can order your gifts 6 months in advance (secured with a 20% deposit) and pay off either via Paypal or by purchasing their online vouchers.

Please go ahead and check these guys out, trust me you will become HOOKED!


We definitely love this toy and will likely buy more Grimm’s in the near future including the 12 piece rainbow. There are Grimm’s Rainbow Friends that co-ordinate beautifully with the rainbows and can be used to create little houses and stunning little masterpieces. Make a ball run with the Grimm’s 6 Wooden Balls that again match the rainbows.

The toys really are limitless!

The Rainbow Challenge

Do you already have a rainbow or any other Grimm’s toys? I challenge you to balance them on your head just like my wonderful Scott below. It’s more difficult than it looks but it’s so much fun.

Leave a comment stating what Grimm’s toys you have and why you love it.


Much love


*DISCLAIMER- I was not paid for this review and purchased this toy myself. Permission was sought before reviewing.

**Would you like me to review your product? Please get in touch at


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