My Weight Loss Journey!

OK so I’ve reached the point where enough is enough. I have to stop making excuses for myself and stop eating myself into oblivion!

Being on medication that makes you gain weight doesn’t help but it’s the boredom eating, the eating when I’m upset and the checking the fridge EVERYTIME I’m in the kitchen that is really catching up with me.

This is me now

Excuse my PJs this was taken after the kiddies were in bed. I will do a proper bare all picture when I have somone to take a picture for me.


My Stats (Correct as of Monday 6/2/2017)

Weight: 13st 12lbs

Height: 5′ 4″

Waist: 38in

Hips: 47in

Right Thigh: 27in        Left Thigh: 28in

Right Calf: 18in            Left Calf: 19in

Right Bicep: 16.5in      Left Bicep: 17in

Widest Part (around bum and front): 48in

BMI: 16665972_1536301053066495_3543780238074761968_o.jpg

Calculate your BMI here

This is an important tool as I now know what my calorie intake should be everyday and what weight goal to set. My aim is around the 10st mark so I have 3st 12lbs to lose and I WILL do it!

For this first week I have been really trying and I have been eating Musclefoods Live Clean meals for tea as well as homemade soups for lunches and a good healthy breakfast.

I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t slipped up because I have due to having a horrible day today and my kids being sick. It’s when I’m lagging and have no energy I reach for the sugary treats but I only have done twice this week.

I have cut my sugary drink intake to a sheer minimum as this was my BIGGEST problem I am now drinking more water and I love Flo water at the moment as it is so tasty and has no calories, no sugar and no additives.

Check out my food diary for this week.


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