The Only Rule About Food Club is You Don’t Talk About Food Club.

£3.75! That’s all I paid for this lot plus a bottle of Evian water that I glugged, one because it was only 25p and two, because it was ONLY 25p!



How did I get this lot for a measly £3.75?

No they’re not passed their “Best Before Date”. No they’re not bashed or broken and no there were no coupons involved.

I got this lot at a local food club. Now this is not to be confused with a food bank which is there for when people are really struggling, I know because I’ve been there a few years ago.

Anyway I digress. The local food club (Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire) is open to EVERYONE there are no restrictions on who can use this wonderful service. When you make your first visit you are required to fill out a form with your details, you are then given a number which relates to your household and talked through how it all works.

The food club is donated food from different places which is then priced up (at heavily reduced prices) based on a points system. 1 point = 25p you are handed a slip and proceed to complete your shopping, upon completion your points are totalled up. You then head through to the lovely gent sat with the cash box and pay, then return to the lovely ladies who have bagged up your goodies show them your slip again then head off home.

The cereals are all 2points each. 50p for Special K! That is just amazing. I was gobsmacked. The food on offer is brilliant and is mostly branded goods. I even saw Heinz soup in there. My favourites have to be the cereal and the toddler snacks.

All of the people involved are volunteers and they are so friendly, they helped this stressed out mum when her baby was screaming partly becasue she saw food and partly becasue she has a chest infection.

The best part is that ALL the profits made are then forwarded to a wonderful charity that aids ex-service men and women, how awesome is that?

I will be returning to this place and I urge others to do so.


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