Cashing up day!

OK so we all love to save money, wether it be for some candles (I have a very serious addiction-please help me), some shoes, birthdays, Christmas or just a rainy day fund.

Money is important, it makes the world go round as they say, so it is important to teach our kiddies the importance of pennies. My eldest is almost 9 and he knows that if he does his chores, without grumbling, then he will gain a very nice crisp £5 note at the end of the week and this is his to do with as he pleases.

My youngest is 2 and I am also teaching her the importance of money through sorting and saving. She may not get that we have to work for our money and save to have nice things but she is learning some very important skills.

She is learning about shapes and colours and is also learning that each coin has a different value. More importantly she is improving her fine motor skills by popping each coin into their tins in the right way. You will be surprised by how quickly children will figure out the positioning of the coins and then again by how quickly they start popping coins in. improving their fine motor skills is important as children will use these skills when they begin learning to write properly.



Another idea is popping some raisins or any other small bits of food in an ice cube tray. I did this when Hollie was about 8 months old and she loved the game. This encourages your child to utilise their pincer grip. You can check out how Hollie got on here.

Other activities include: lacing, beading, weaving, painting, drawing etc the list is endless and so is the fun.

Happy parenting.


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