Bedtimes and Sleeping Arrangements. What are your preferences?

As parents we all have our own ways of raising our children. I love to encourage my children to be their own person and follow their dreams and desires I am also a very strict parent especially when it comes to bedtimes.

I know there are parents that co-sleep or take their children to bed and lay with them until they drift off but that is just not me. I will admit it wholheartedly, my bed is MY domain, it is where I unwind and destress. I also like the children to know that they have a safe place to call their own should they need to use it to calm down or play.

My children have always had set bedtimes and through hardwork and determination they know that Mummy is still there when they need her but that bedtime means bedtime. I did this as gently as possible. My son slept in his own room from 9 months old and my daughter from 7 months. I always soothed them when the cried and let them know I was there when they needed to feel safe, my toddler is at the stage where she is pushing boundaries but I refuse to give in. If she doesn’t settle then I know she is either ill or frightened in some way and I help ease her pain and reassure her that she is safe.

Why did I do it this way? Simple, children need structure, routine and most importantly they need a good night’s rest in order to learn, play and grow. It also allows me a few hours each night to clean the house and relax for a few hours before my own bedtime.

Both of my children have slept through the whole night from 7 months onwards and go to bed without any fuss.

I know this is not to everyone’s taste and what works for me won’t work for another family.

I am also interested in how other parents tackle bedtimes so if you’d please like to share your bedtime experiences, routines or would like advice on how I achieved mine then please leave a comment below.

Remember we are all parents on an amazing journey and just because you find someone else’s parenting style odd doesn’t mean you should judge them instead you should support and try and see things from their perspective. Now wouldn’t that make the world a nicer place?



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