Pokemon Monopoly Review

As everyone who knows me well enough will tell you that I am a geek through and through and my kids have had the geek gene well and truly passed onto them. So when deciding what Christmas gifts to purchase for my eldest this year Pokemon Monopoly was at the top of the list and it’s AWESOME.

We have tha Kanto Edition and it features Charizard and Blastoise on the very colourful box along with the slogan “Gotta catch ’em all!”.


Now the box is pretty cool and I love the artwork but the 6 metal pokemon tokens that come with the game are super cool and are very detailed. You can choose between Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Eevee, Jigglypuff and of course Pikachu, they are beautifully crafted and can be kept safe in the little drawstring bag provided.


The board itself is pretty awesome and is very bright and colourful. In the centre of the board is the Kanto Region map and in place of the Chance and Community Chest cards there are Trainer Battle and Professor Oak cards which are essentially the same but they have been Pokemonified.


The colour blocks on the board are still the same and in the same order (brown, light blue, pink, orange, red, yellow, green and dark blue) but instead of street names the blocks are arranged in order of the gym leaders that Ash battles on his journey and you can purchase that leader’s corresponding Pokemon.

Brown-Brock’s Gym- Geodude and Onix

Light Blue – Misty’s Gym- Staryu, Starmie and Horsea

Pink- Lt. Surge’s Gym- Voltorb, Electrabuzz and Raichu

Orange- Erika’s Gym- Victreebel, Tangela and Vileplume

Red- Sabrina’s Gym- Kadabra, Mr. Mime and Venomoth

Yellow- Koga’s Gym- Koffing, Muk and Wheezing

Green- Blaine’s Gym-Growlithe, Ponyta and Rapidash

Dark Blue-Giovanni’s Gym-Nidoqueen and Nidoking.

As usual you have to acquire all of the Pokemon in the set before you can build houses and hotels but this is Pokemon Monopoly so you have Pokemarts and Pokecentres instead.

In place of the traditional stations are Pokeballs to purchase. You can purchase, Pokeball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Master Ball and the usual Monopoly rules apply with these; if one is owned you recieve £25, 2 you get £50, 3 for £100 and 4 for £200. We call the money in this edition Pokebucks and they feature Pikachu in place of the Monopoly man.

The utility companies have been replace with Zapdos (electric) and Articuno (water). The traditional ruling applies here to, if one is owned you receive 4 times the dice roll and if both are owned you receive 10 times the dice roll.

Income tax has been replaced by Team Rocket and your Rival Attacks.


We had an absolutely great time playing this and it will no doubt be played again and again because we are board game lovers and a family of geeks so we LOVE AWESOME STUFF.

There are other Pokemon Monopoly games available online too such as the Exclusive Kanto Edition, the Johto Edition and the Junior Pokemon Edition. I would love everyone of these!

I purchased it from Forbidden Planet when it was on sale.

Happy Gaming.


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