You really can win.

Ok guys I’ve have seen loads of people moaning that comps aren’t real and they are all a con and nobody ever wins anything.


I have won a good few prizes since I begun comping years ago. I won a £1000 fridge freezer which sits pride of place in my kitchen, now this was a massive shock to me as I though I’d won a little beer fridge. This was won about 6 years ago in and advent competition during December.

I have also won a number of smaller prizes such as make-up, sprays, perfumes books, a crate of Feel Good drinks, cereals etc……..

Where is your evidence I hear you cry??

Well last week I won two competitions. Both were Facebook competitions. My first win was an AWESOME £100 Le Toy Van doll house courtesy of Brown Bear and it’s gorgeous and the toddler approves but she’s still a little young for it at the moment as there are small pieces in it. The second was a little win courtesy of Anchor and I’m still awaiting delivery of this prize which was the little Trumpety toy from the advert but still a win is a win and the toddler LOVES teddies.

The doll house was a great win for me as I am trying to win birthday and Christmas presents for the whole of 2017. So it has been safely stored away for the time being and the Trumpety will be a little stocking filler for next year too.

Good luck and happy comping guys.



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