Paw Patrol Competitions

Now my lovely sister Wendy has asked me to find Paw Patrol comps and I am up to the challenge as these cute little guys and gals are so popular and I know there are an abundance of comps out there. So once again I will trawl and trawl and cry and try again for some more.

If you don’t know what Paw Patrol is  let me educate you. It’s a kids programme from over on Nick Jr. (also on Netflix) and is about a bunch of cute little dogs who save the day with their various missions. There are six main puppies Marshall, Zuma, Chase, Skye, Rocky and Rubble who have been there from day one under their leader Ryder who calls the pups back to base via their little doggy tags. However more dogs have been added, Everest and Tracker have joined the team there’s also a super dog called Apollo . Each dog is a different breed and has a different specialty:

Chase is an Alsation and he is a police dog

Marshall is a Dalmation and he is a fire dog

Rubble is a Bulldog and he is a builder

Rocky is a mixed breed and he is an environmental pup

Zuma is a Labrador and he is a water rescue pup

Skye is a Cockapoo and flies a helicopter.

Everest is a husky and she is a mountain rescue dog

Tracker is a Chihuahua who lives in the jungle with super hearing.

And they are going on tour soon too!


But I digress, COMPETITIONS!!!!


Coupon Mama UK Facebook competition closes 18/12/16 (toy bundle)

Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook competition ends 19/12/16 at 6PM (toy bundle)

Ashleigh Money Saver Facebook competition ends 19/12/16

SECC  Facebook Competition (tickets to live show)

Ok so apparently there are only 4 live at this time. Surely not maybe I’m just knackered. I will double check tomorrow.



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